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  1. Brett wrote on

    Looks like Ian just made $50. Techcrunch might love the layout and design. So why not pitch it to them. Better still let’s just use our networks to make this happen.

  2. Peter wrote on

    Ian delivered. I don’t blame the designers of techcrunch, though. It could very well be a case of “too many cooks…”

  3. Ian Butler wrote on

    Totally agree, Peter. As with most big sites, everyone has an opinion! Plus I had the advantage of doing exactly what I wanted, cheating by not using ‘real ads’ (which would dilute the look). But still no excuse for what a big company has done. We love TC, but the new look is a complete hotchpotch!

  4. Roland wrote on

    +1 for Ian’s design

  5. Dan Petrovic wrote on

    I like it, but keep thinking about how much research must have gone into their design and some of those things they did must be for a reason… for example the news item timeline concept – that’s kind of neat.

    1. Ian Butler wrote on

      Agree, they must have had a lot of people working on and planning and adding their 2 cents worth. Still can’t hide the fact it looks like a dogs dinner put together by someone with no eye for aesthetics… ho hum!

  6. Krissy wrote on

    +1 for Ian. The actual TC site makes me a little stabby.

    1. Ian Butler wrote on

      Thanks for the vote ; )

      ‘Stabby’… lol. I think I know what you mean!

  7. Chris Sutton wrote on

    +rather a lot more for Ian, I do like the timeline but the rest of it just gives me the irrits…

  8. Gabriella Sannino wrote on

    Okay, Ian won. The design is cleaner, less wasteful, & much easier on the eyes in regards to readability. But I do agree with Peter, it may be a case of too many cooks. ;-)

  9. Peter Crocker wrote on

    Nice one Ian! Very slick and clean – amazing how much clean slate free of legacy and committees can speed up and improve the creative process. Wonder what you’ll spend your $50 on :)

  10. Anna Butler wrote on

    What’s that? A split test?

    There’s a pitch you should send them :)

    (And FWIW – Ian’s wins for me)

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yeah, we’d love it if they ran a split test.

  11. Alexander John wrote on

    With the new design on TC the ads are huge!

    It’s almost like their saying, “we care about money more then content.”

    …but what would I know

    I guess I wish I had a million dollar website like that.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks for your comment, Alexander. Yeah, they make some big dollars, and they have some very good content. But might isn’t always (often) right… ;-)

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