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  1. Polly Hearsey wrote on

    Brilliant list that has gone straight on to Evernote – lest I lose it!

    Use quite a few of these but some great leads to try out. Personally I use Skitch for screenshots – the annotation option and ability to share directly to Evernote is great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks Polly. Skitch is an Evernote tool, isn’t it? Pretty sure I’ve used it on my mobile devices. Does it have a one-click/keyboard shortcut for screenshot?

      1. Polly Hearsey wrote on

        Yes it is part of the Evernote family. I haven’t used the app yet but Ctrl+Shift+5 works on the desktop.

        1. Glenn Murray wrote on

          Interesting, thanks! Installing now to check it out. :-)

        2. Glenn Murray wrote on

          Just gave it a shot, and I’m afraid to say, it’s not for me. I prefer Screenhunter’s one-key shortcut and the fact that it automatically saves a file to your specified location. I do like the arrows, though. At the moment, I can annotate with arrows if it’s web page I’ve captured (‘cos I do that with the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension), but if it’s screenshot of something else on my PC, I normally annotate with MS Paint, and there’s no arrow tool in that. Well, there’s that big blocky arrow, but that’s not much use for annotation. I THINK there’s an arrow tool in Photoshop Elements, but I find Photoshop too slow for quick and dirty stuff. (The fact that I’m not sure if there’s an arrow tool is a case in point. I find a lot of Photoshop’s functionality obscure.)

      2. Crow wrote on

        Hi Glenn. Great post btw. I’m maybe two years late to this conversation (and would love to know if you have updated your list since) but I think you’ll love “Lightshot”. It’s the most advanced, completely free (no pricing plans), screenshot tool available. You’ll have the possibility to annotate directly on the screenshot taken and copy paste in a word document or to messenger or save directly on desktop.

        1. Glenn Murray wrote on

          Hey Crow. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I don’t use Screenhunter anymore. A friend of mine got me onto ShareX and it’s MUCH better. I’ve not seen anything as good. It allows me to set keyboard shortcuts for a series of actions, so I have F6 set to screenshot region, copy to clipboard and save to desktop. And I have F7 set to do all of that PLUS open in the editor so I can annotate. Soooooooooo much quicker than using my mouse to select commands from a menu. :-)

  2. Belinda Weaver wrote on

    Sooo many tools! Great list though Glenn. We have a lot of cross overs.

    I use Wunderlist for my task management and have only JUST decided I need Evernote. I like the idea of Pocket so I’m going to give that a whirl. At the moment I just leave articles open in my browser… eleventy billion tabs later…

    I love the tools towards the end like Nameboy, Wordoid and OneLook. I’m not terribly creative at the naming game so these will help.

    Well done old boy.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Well, if you have eleventy billion tabs open, you’ll luuuurrrrve Pocket. Leave your money on the fridge. ;-)

      I’m pretty sure I tried Wunderlist a long time ago. What do you like best about it?

      1. Belinda Weaver wrote on

        I don’t think I like it because of features that are entirely unique to Wunderlist BUT

        I like Today + Tomorrow + Week views. I like that I can drag and drop tasks between categories/lists and setting deadlines and reminders is all done in a click or two.

        It has more robust functionality for teams but I don’t really use it. I am but a simple list maker.

        1. Glenn Murray wrote on

          Ah right. Yeah, I’ve seen some of those features elsewhere. Perhaps in RTM even. But, like you, I’m a simple list maker. I don’t even use different categories/lists. All my tasks go on one list. So adding is just a question of saying what it is and when it’s due. And this is heaps quicker for me when I can type “Monday 3pm” than when I have to use a selector to specify the time.

  3. Alycia Edgar wrote on

    Fantastic list! I just wanted to let you know that you can email your Saasu invoice directly from Saasu and cc: yourself thus creating the trail. Just need to set it up in the template. :)

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks, Alycia. Yeah, I saw that option, but (although I didn’t mention it in my post) I also like to keep a copy of the PDF in my client folder, so I have to download it, one way or the other. :-)

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks. So many good tools, so little time!

  4. Ben wrote on

    I can suggest another powerful time-tracking tool to do list – Very easy to use and has detailed reporting and invoicing.

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  8. Cate Hogan wrote on

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article! Four years ago I also left my job as a marketing manager in Sydney to do something I’d always dreamed of: writing and editing romance novels full time. Anyways, here are also my 8 best tips and tricks for those wanting to follow a similar path

  9. Todd wrote on

    Sorry Glenn, I’m late to the game here. Do you use anything different for writing copy for landing pages? I was kind of wondering about this.

    I figured you could just open a page in your favorite word processor but I kind of wondered if there was anything specific. Naturally, the web design tools like the one you mentioned would work for mockups.


    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hi Todd. Depends on the landing page. If it’s something other than just a page of text (as I feel most should be), then I Balsamiq. Only trouble there is that Balsamiq limits the length of the page, so sometimes I run out of vertical space. I end up having to manually stitch two images together to supply to the client.

  10. Lisa wrote on

    Oh my goodness, such a big list! Thank you very much, I haven’t even seen lot’s of tools, but it’s so cool, now I can try everything :)
    But also I have some of my tools which I want to share with you.
    1. – plagiarism checker, I think it’s a must-have tool for every copywriter.
    2. – good editing tool.
    Aaand I would share with you Evernote, because it’s my favorite tool, but you’ve already written about features of using it:)
    Thank you again!

  11. Jennifer Corgan wrote on

    I wanted to ask if Scrivener is something that would help a copywriter? I just ordered it but there is so much to learn with it. I am also going to use it to write a book. Is there any software that actually helps you write copy? Like give a suggestion or has templates? That is something I am looking for.

  12. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Jennifer. I’ve tried Scrivener once, and I didn’t like it. But it was quite a few years ago. If I’m not mistaken, Jonathan Crossfield uses it (or did).

    I don’t know of any tools that REALLY help with copywriting. I mean, there are quite a few ‘1,000 headlines’ type tools, but I’ve never seen any that were actually useful.

    I suppose that’s a good thing. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! :-)

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