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  1. Paul Cunningham wrote on

    I like how “crap” was a fairly prominent word in that cloud :-)

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    HA! Wonder how many people would think it appropriate if I started ranking for that!

  3. Brian V. Hunt wrote on

    Hey Glenn,

    Great site. I’m going to buy your book. This topic was new to me and provided an extremely suprising look into the content on my site. Words that I thought I had optimized for didn’t even show in the cloud.


  4. Jason wrote on

    Hey Glenn,
    I notice Wordle only highlights instances of exact words. Does this differ to the way search engines actually operate? For example the words run,
    running, runner would be recognised once each by Wordle. Would a search engine apply greater logic and recognise these three words as being related?


    P.S Great mother’s day special, I’m about to buy the e-books!

  5. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hey Jason. Good question. The answer is yes… and no.

    Google definitely knows “running” & “runner” are different words. But it will often bold “runner” in the SERPs even if the user searched for “running”. That’s because it’s also smart enough to know that those words are related.

    For a related discussion, check out my guest post at Science for SEO,

  6. aurelia wrote on

    Wonderful video for all the copywriters.

    aurelia of copymarket

  7. Denise Beckmann wrote on

    After the changes in Google with Panda and Penguin writing is ever more important. This is a great way to stop gaming the system, write from the heart about things that matter, and check that the keyword you used make common sense. Relevance is king and content is how that happens. This may be 2 years old, but it works in 2012 too!

  8. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Very true. And becoming more and more true every day, IMHO. Thanks Denise.

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