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  1. Rob McGuire wrote on

    This is great! I imagine my mom would have given me that blank stare as well had I done something like this.

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    I know. I can imagine my mum too. Although she probably would have sworn at me!

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  4. Johanna Baker-Dowdell wrote on

    This is hilarious! My mum isn’t even sure how to turn the computer on, let alone optimise her website using Glenn’s techniques.

  5. Lisa Davis wrote on

    Corny, I love it….It’s so Quirky. I am a Mum and I want the Book :)

    My Mum only got an ATM card 8 years ago…Go Mumma

  6. Matthew MacIntosh wrote on

    Thanks, everybody!

    I just let my mom know that her video has received 77 views in the past 48 hours. She always dreamed of being famous… although I’m not sure this is how she hoped it would go down. I reminded her that are far more embarrassing ways to gain notoriety… remember Divine Brown??

  7. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hey Matt. Your mum’s a celebrity. And such a good sport. Tell her we love her! My mum wouldn’t have been have that diplomatic! lol

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  9. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hey Peter. Thanks. Yeah, someone just told me that. Haven’t had a chance to look into it yet.

  10. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    I know. She’s such a good sport, but so clearly unenthused. I remember watching the vid with my wife last year, and laughing (squeaking) so hard in her ear I nearly deafened her!

  11. Shane wrote on

    I appreciate !

  12. Linda wrote on

    That’s really sweet! Too funny! I could just see my mother having the same reaction. That was really nice.

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