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  1. Amanda Gonzalez wrote on

    Well said, G.

    I find the layout of the copy plays a huge role in its success. Even if you’re not the designer, put forth your ideas on the layout; you know the copy better than anyone else.

    I know how I feel when I see small copy in long paragraphs, without headings or dividing space. And I certainly know what I DO when I see garish yellow highlighting.

  2. Karri Flatla wrote on

    Number 14 is my fave of course (show some personality).

    What’s fascinating to me is how clients will initially be very reserved in their responses to my lines of questioning, say in a questionnaire. But then I let them know it’s okay to let it all hang out (so to speak!) … to tell me their story and their passion. Or their clients’ stories and passions … and boy do the flood gates open! It’s great inspiration for writing their copy.

    Everyone is brimming with feelings about all kinds of things at any given moment of their day. And those feelings aren’t terribly logical (else they wouldn’t be feelings but just neutral, detached thoughts which is rather tough to execute unless you’re a Vulcan).

    The trick I suspect is to tap the *right* feelings that will inspire them to act.

    Okay, I guess Number 17 is my second fave ;)

    This is a must-have check list for creating great web copy!

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  4. Charles Cuninghame wrote on

    Read this in a copywriting book the other day: Your copy should be the same length as a short skirt – long enough to cover everything, but short enough to be interesting.

  5. Bill Harper wrote on

    “Be as brief as possible, but say as much as necessary”. This should be the mantra of everyone who writes. As you say, it’s not a question of writing short or writing long. You just need to write tight. As long as there’s plenty of ‘meat’ in your copy, people will read it.


  6. Oscar - freestyle mind wrote on

    Interesting, because I often see the opposite, especially regarding the price clarity. Thanks for sharing these tips, they all make sense to me.


  7. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Oscar. Interesting! I’d be keen to see any examples you’ve noticed where price clarity isn’t beneficial. Even if just anecdotal. That’d be great!

    Thanks mate.

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