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  1. Panos wrote on

    So the question begs… why buy a OnePlus 6 or other non ‘mainstream’ phone and then have to struggle for accessories?

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks for your comment, Panos. Nice to have you here.

      I think there are 3 parts to your question: 1) Why buy a OnePlus?; 2) Did I expect to have problems?; and 3) Is choice really the problem? I’ll answer each separately. :-)

      1) Why buy a OnePlus? Basically because I love their phones. Great bang for buck, performance-wise, and excellent software. I like Oxygen OS better than stock Android, and far better than any other skin. I also like the mute slider, and the fingerprint sensor and facial recognition are incredible. The camera too. And finally, my experience as far as lifespan is concerned has been far better with OnePlus than iPhone, Samsung or Sony.

      2) Did I expect to have problems? No. With my OnePlus 3T, the first gel case I bought was fine. I think there are some design factors with the 6 that make it harder to grip in cases. (Discussed in the post.)

      3) Is choice really the problem? While OnePlus certainly doesn’t have the market share that Apple and Samsung do, I dunno if I’d call it non-mainstream. Definitely in the west, it is, but in India, for instance, it has about half the market. In China, I think it has a lot too. There’s certainly enough to justify the production of a good range of cases, and I’m quite happy to import. A lot of the big names make cases for it (e.g. Otterbox, UAG, Spigen, Ringke, Poetic, Orzly, Olixar, Tech 21 and Tudia). What’s more, when I look around – and I did a LOT of research – most of the cases for the other brands are pretty much the same as those available for the OnePlus. iPhone seems to have a range of what appear to be grippy cases, but I’d rather use even a naked OnePlus than a grippy iPhone… ;-)

      In summary, even knowing the challenges of finding a grippy case, I’d still go with a OnePlus over any other phone.

  2. Keshav Jindal wrote on

    This article is very good, Thanks for sharing.

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