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  1. Anna Butler wrote on

    I’ve got a Motorola G6 S which comes with a range of navigation gestures and a mini swipe pad instead of the home button (which allows for fingerprint unlocking).

    I’m enjoying a lot of the nav features – such as the pinch in to see recent apps and pinch out to see all pages (except if you’re on a website where these gestures work to zoom in and out, which is what you want – in which case, swiping right on the home pad brings up recent apps).

    It also lets me access the camera with a quick double twist of the wrist – even if the phone is locked. And the torch is turned on or off using two quick chopping motions…. so no having to open the phone to find the “on” button.

    I definitely use these all the time and find them very handy.

    Perhaps because it lets me set the majority of gestures I want to connect to which actions, so I can choose what makes sense to me.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hey Anna. Interesting. Re the pinch gestures, do you mean on the mini swipe pad or on-screen?

      Re the screen-ff gestures, yeah, I love this stuff. With the OnePlus I can draw an O, M, W, V or S on the screen when the phone is asleep and it will do something. I get to choose what. I can select from a few things like Selfie Cam or start an app. I use O for camera, S for selfie camera, M for video (*m*ovie) and V for torch. Not using W yet.

      I can also draw a > when music is playing to skip to the next track, a < to go back, or a 2-finger downswipe (pause symbol) to pause or play. In fact, these screen-off gestures and the alert slider are really important features to me. Some of the biggest reasons I went back to OP.

  2. Alessio Rigoli wrote on

    I must say I personally find the onscreen buttons much faster although it is still nice having some hardware buttons as a backup.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      I haven’t had a phone with hardware buttons in years. Not since my Samsung Galaxy S4, and I’ve had 4 phones since then. I never liked the hadware buttons much because of their tendency to malfunction (due to moving parts, I assume). These days my decision is always between software buttons and gestures. I prefer gestures, but I wish Google hadn’t killed the ability of app developers to create their own gestures. I used to use Vivid Gestures to emulate Oneplus’s gestures on my Pixel, but that doesn’t work anymore, so now I’m stuck with stock Android’s gestures. It’s really only the back gesture I don’t like, but considering how often I use it, it’s not an insignificant problem. :-\

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