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  1. Belinda Weaver wrote on

    I wholeheartedly agree Glenn. As a big fan of Gmail I find all this extra clicking extremely annoying.

    Along the same thread as your comment about Reply All, I edit subject lines quite a bit. You know, you start talking about one project and then you’re quoting on another. I like to keep those threads separate so I can find them easily but now I have to click click bloody click.

    That and the attachments are my main aggravations.

    What I did get from your post, apart from a stiff neck from nodding, was the whole canned replies functionality. Who knew that existed? Well everyone apparently, except me. I have a text doc with email templates but this seems sooo much easier. Well, it would be if I didn’t have to click click bloody click to use it.

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Oh no! I hadn’t noticed the subject line thing. GRRRRRRR! Ridiculous.

    And canned responses… They’re great, but the usability was already poor. I have a long list of canned responses, and finding the one I want is always difficult. But that’s a whole nother story!

  3. Belinda Weaver wrote on

    I might stick to my little text file of email templates. Simple. Uncomplicated. Fast.

    Talk about over-egging the pudding GMail. Sort it out!

  4. Donna wrote on

    Oh, I so agree! The attachment thing is the one that really drives me crazy the most! But all of the above are annoying! Thanks for making me feel less alone. :)

  5. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hi Donna. Haven’t caught up with you in ages! Yeah, it’s good to have others to bitch with, eh? ;-)

  6. Donna wrote on

    Is nice to catch up with you, Glenn. Hope you’re doing well.

  7. Vicky Claringbull wrote on

    I’ve got to say that your article had me nodding my head in empathy. Very recently my entire company – around about 20000+ employees worldwide – migrated to gmail. Needless to say there are A LOT of frustrated workers missing their meetings and losing emails. Miss my outlook and its demanding way of making me manage my inbox!

  8. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hi Vicky. Thanks for your comment. It’s definitely hard when you shift from Outlook (particularly if you didn’t have a choice). But I can honestly say, I find Gmail a gazillion times better than Outlook, even with these usability issues. I remember sooooooo many times, as an Outlook user, growling at the computer, because my email was stuck in the outbox, or because Outlook crashed and lost my draft, or because I had to come into the office to check my email, or – worst of all – because of a corrupt PST file. Ah the bad old days… ;-)

  9. Mazil wrote on

    The attachments problem is my single biggest gripe with the new Gmail compose. If you drag in just images, then Gmail will insert them as inline images instead of attachments. This is not great for people sending screenshots or, in my case, huge design mockups!

    This is real pity, because the drag and drop attachment functionality was/is pretty fantastic.

    The only way around the problem is to click the attachment button and manually choose the file (fiddly file browsing / extra click), or to drag in a non-image file (e.g. a html, pdf, text or doc file) along with the others, and then delete it from the attachments upload section.

    *mumbles grumbles*

  10. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hi Mazil. Yep, I noticed that when I originally trialled this feature. It was one of the main reasons I promptly rolled back. Insane, isn’t it?

  11. Roberta Kedzierski wrote on

    Glad it wasn’t just me not understanding. On the subject line thing, how do you change it when you are in a threaded conversation? I obviously didn’t click the right clicks!

  12. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hi Roberta. As far as I’m aware you can’t change the subject line in a threaded conversation! Crazy, right?!

  13. Belinda Weaver wrote on

    Hey Glenn, I’ve just realised another “feature” that makes me grind my teeth.

    I hit compose and start typing the recipients name … only to find that the cursor has jumped down to the email BODY. I have to delete that text and wait for the cursor to find its way back to the recipient field.

    *shakes fist to Gmail*

  14. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hmmm. That’s not happening for me, Belinda…

  15. Belinda Weaver wrote on

    So I’m just being persecuted by Gmail?!?

    Ok. So maybe I’m being a tad impatient too….

  16. George wrote on

    Try to use the Gmail app: it gets worse…
    If someone forwards you an email you will not see the content of that forwarded email. How stupid is that? You get the email that says “Hey, look what X wrote” and you cannot see what X wrote.
    Suggestion to Google: just trim email contents at random. At least I’ll have a chance to see contents of emails every once in a while. Much better than now: NEVER

  17. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi George. Yeah I think And if they could just . And then the butler said, “But I didn’t even know the chimp was a minister!”

  18. Moon wrote on

    Sadly, I think Google is following the same path Ubuntu and Microsoft have gone down (Ubuntu 12.04+ and Windows 8, respectively), hiding as much information from the user as possible in order to maximize the ease of use of a tiny screen (read: cell phone) at the cost of desktop monitor useability. It is baffling that they should do this, even if it does make UI creation simpler for them, given how unanimously hated this trend is by the public at large.

    The (already existing) issue with Google trimming signatures is the most insulting thing they’ve done. Not to mention mind-bogglingly stupid. If I don’t want my recipient to see a signature, I’ll leave it out myself. I don’t need Google to cut it for me. Here, I’ll demonstrate how retarded it looks. Correction: how retarded it makes ME look.

    Thanks for this blog!


  19. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    “If I don’t want my recipient to see a signature, I’ll leave it out myself.” Couldn’t agree more! And yeah, it’s weird if they’re doing it this way for mobile, especially as they could simply make it responsive…

  20. Guestblo wrote on

    Hi Glen,

    I completely second you in nearly all the points you mentioned. But the one seems to be most irritating to me is the one with the “formatting option”! Who does have so much time to click and then wait for the next options to come? One more thing is with the attachment; if you drag them in, they are not attached properly!

  21. Neil wrote on

    I agree with everything you mention in the blog. Great observation.

    I am contemplating switching from gmail to Yahoo or another service. Gmail is turning into a usability nightmare.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks Neil. Not quite there for me. I still love Gmail, I just hate some of its usability issues. I’m sure they’ll resolve them sooner or later. It’s still a LOT better than Outlook! :-)

  22. Cheyanne Weldon wrote on

    All of these issues have been irritating, but what’s really dangerous is that twice now I have been on cell using mobile site and replied to an email thread from my gmail (and the thread originated with my gmail)… and my pop3 signature block gets added to the email. It doesn’t show so I don’t see it until looking in my sent mail. Very not cool. I only did it the 2nd time this morning to check if it was a fluke. I can’t get the signature when I use the pop3 on mobile, but it adds it automatically to the gmail… SMH

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Ugh! That’s not good! I never use the mobile site, so haven’t encountered that. Also I use Google Apps, so that may make a difference…?

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