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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. TAT (Affiliate Secrets) wrote on


    It’s very kind of you. The sad story you wrote here was touching my heart.
    “I’m a parent” … too

    Congratulations with your effort!

  2. Nathan Stewart wrote on

    G’day Glenn,

    A very impressive (and well written) article. Your generosity is inspiring.

    We live just 20km from King Lake, one of the worst hit areas. While we were not personally effected we had friends that were. Up until a week ago many of our friends living in traditionally peaceful country areas were still on high alert. On quite a few nights we have welcomed them to stay at our house to seek refuge until the risky winds and relentless heat passes once again.

    Well done Glenn. Not only is is a pleasure to work with you and benefit from the results your copywriting brings our business, but it is nice to know Alkemi is working with someone as ethical as yourself.

  3. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Wow! Thanks Nathan. That’s a very nice comment! Bet it was a very anxious time for you, for a few weeks there?

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