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  1. Emily Read wrote on

    In Facebook’s defence, you can choose multiple friends to share to at once if you’ve chosen to group your friends. For instance, on my personal profile, my default posting setting is “friends except acquaintances”, so all the people I felt too guilty to delete friend requests from are immediately shunted to the acquaintance list, and basically never see updates from me. So long as you stop to think, it is clear who you’re sharing with. That said, I agree that Google+ friend lists are waaaaay easier to see and maintain than FB ones.
    Also in FB’s defence, I personally prefer their app to the G+ app, at least for Android.
    BUT, all in all, I agree with you. G+ is awesome, it’s important for SEO (and that importance is growing), and everyone should be on there – especially if they own a business!
    Well, that’s my 2 cents :-)

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hi Emily. Thanks for your comment. But FB doesn’t allow you to post to multiple *lists* at once, right? Whereas G+ allows you to post to multiple circles at once.

      1. Emily Read wrote on

        True! I believe you’re right.
        Also, I should add that the fact you can italicise and bold text on your G+ posts is absolutely awesome!

        1. Glenn Murray wrote on

          Ah yes, I forgot about the formatting options. Although I’d like to see them in a toolbar. I can never remember the codes.

  2. Mel wrote on

    I’m a huge believer in Google + and I love your clear summary of why it’s important. I’ll be sharing this article with clients in future.

  3. Gary Matthews wrote on

    Maybe “dominated by food photos” would be too strong a phrase — but there are plenty on Google+. Works for me, especially when they’re pictures of chocolate!

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