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  1. Karri Flatla wrote on

    Refreshing as always, Glenn.

    I’m reeeeeeally getting tired of hearing online “experts” talk about SEO and social media and going viral as if small- and medium-sized biz owners have nothing better to do than dump the lion’s share of their time, budget and energy into marketing a business that still hasn’t figured out something IMPORTANT TO SAY in the FIRST PLACE.

    (Oh, was I yelling there?)

    Figure out something worth marketing to people in the first place.

    Enter the high-end copywriter.

    CopyMoz anyone?


  2. Terry Van Horne wrote on

    Karri… a search engine can only measure content quality by citation… and we know how that ends. With peeps like the Moz being called experts giving out advanced tips that are… well… what i’d expect of a jr account manager. But is quite the party AIUI! ;-)

    I agree with you though about the biz that has no plan, they are ripe for “experts” to sell them a brand of SEO that well… sucks… it doesn’t really have a plan… it has a method… but because it is engine centric instead of user centric… the sell/achieving the goal is much tougher… you can lead a horse to water… the horse decides if it’s drinking. ;-)

  3. Ralph wrote on

    Good read. I’m just about done reading about SEO and stuff. I am learning to go with has worked in the past for me and that is filling my pages with unique and valuable stuff. No matter how much time and energy it takes me, that is where my focus will be. Thanks for the reminder

  4. sea wrote on

    I like your logic – and let’s face it, there’s plenty of times I’ve clicked on the most SEOd website only to move on to find one that was worth reading!

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