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  1. Lisa Cropman wrote on

    Easily one of the best ‘Easy SEO’ articles I’ve ever read. And I’ve read A LOT (and even written some myself). Thanks guys.

    1. Adam Franklin wrote on

      Hi Lisa, I’m pleased you found it easy (I swear by the process) and you’re welcome.

  2. Shae wrote on

    Oh I love these types of articles about SEO. Such great tips you’ve shared Adam and Glenn and yes I think Google instant an related searches is so under-rated. Who needs the GKT when you can use the Internet itself?! Thanks for an informative post.

    1. Adam Franklin wrote on

      Hi Shae,
      You’re welcome. The good news is you can always revisit your more popular webpages and use this process to tweak your SEO.

      For example, I’ll go back to my landing pages and do a quick ‘Google Instant’ search to see what keywords I can add in to improve my page optimisation. Have a good one!

  3. James Mawson wrote on

    I think step 2 could come with a few caveats.. I’ve known quite a few business owners to stumble across the realisation that google looks for keywords in h1 and title tags, and then they just go keyword stuffing their main phrase all over their site wherever it fits. There’s so much scope to trash a good site with this. Really there are no shortcuts to good on-site SEO and the topic can’t be covered in under 100 words.

  4. Taylor Davidson wrote on

    I love such type of articles without fluff and technical jargon.

    I usually use long tail pro along with the keyword planner tool to find our better keywords and make a link building plan based on long tail keywords suggested by it.

    Ubersuggest is something I have been reading a lot but keep ignoring it for some reason.

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