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  1. Bo Janiga wrote on

    I’m currently reading your SEO Secrets – it’s a good read, well done.
    Just a small comment on how quickly search engines will index your new site: Google has dramatically improved their indexing speed; we’re not talking weeks and months anymore, but just days, even hours.

    I recently launched a brand new hobby website. To speed its indexing, I added a link to it from another hobby website (itself only a few months’ old and very low traffic, but it had already been indexed) and – voila – my new website was indexed within a week.

    For large websites, new content gets indexed even faster. I work on a website belonging to a large company. If we launch a page and link it from the homepage, it gets indexed within one day.

  2. kasi viswanathan wrote on

    Need some suggestions to improve my rankings in Alexa and site visitors.

    Do like to talk to you about improving my blog and have it optimized to bring in more visitors.

    Your site is really good

  3. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Hi Bo. Thanks for your kind words and your comment. You’re right about the time to index. I’ll be updating this in the next version. Appreciate you taking the time to point it out!


  4. TAT (Affiliate Secrets) wrote on

    Congratulations & good luck!

    You had offered a nice commission for your affiliates.

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