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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. Carole Cohen wrote on

    @problogger just tweeted your post and boy am I glad Darren did. I especially agree with the ‘contributing to the community’ of followers, regardless of your industry. Interaction is the staff of life and the basis for a solid foundation/relationship with people.

    And now I’m going to follow you, love how you write.

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Thanks Carole. Much appreciated! And of course, thanks Darren!

  3. Emon wrote on

    You’re absolutely right about #8. It takes a little while to accept the fact that not all tweets are created equal. People, I find, need to get used to someone’s presence a bit to start responding to their tweets regularly.

  4. Michael Aulia wrote on

    Good post. It makes me want to try Twitter once again! :)

  5. Scott wrote on

    Hey Glenn!

    this was an excellent post which I found via Darren’s Facebook status update (which coincidentally, ties in to his Twitter updates)

    The is a very easy to follow quick start guide to Twitter, I wish I had this about, 7 months ago :)

    Mine is slightly more winded than yours, but I created a Twitter guide as well..

    Cheers on an excellent post.


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  7. Dany wrote on

    Twitter is the best network. I use it and I have seen a grow in my sites traffic.

  8. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Very true, Dany! e.g. Over the last month, Twitter has been my no.3 referrer of traffic, behind direct (no.1) and Google (no.2). And I think a lot of the direct traffic is actually Twitter-driven too (through Twitter desktop apps like TweetDeck & Twhirl). Hard to say. But I was talking to Darren Rowse (@problogger) and Neerav Bhatt (@neerav) at SMX Sydney, and they both feel this is what’s happening, too.

  9. recoverybull wrote on

    Twitter is the best network.
    Dany no doubt about that I have been using it and it works,
    I am happy with the results and, increased traffic to my website.

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