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  1. Desolie wrote on

    I almost fell off my chair recently when a solo-preneur professional photographer shared with me that she (sincerely) believed that professional writers just sit down and write – no research, no planning, no rewriting, no editing.
    I think I managed to change her mind as I spoke about those five basic ‘rules’ of non-fiction writing and compared them to the processes she uses.
    If only it were that simple …

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Amazing isn’t it? Especially that she’s really just a copywriter who creates images…

  2. Andreea wrote on

    Yes, yes and yes. And… did I mention yes? If there is one perception on copywriting that I face recurrently that is “copywriting = grammatically correct sentences”. Do I get mad about it? I used to until I realised the actual name of our profession doesn’t help us too much :) What works for me is explaining the process before handing the business card. Of course, larger companies wouldn’t require this however it works quite well for smaller and medium sized companies.

    As for Russell, yes he should have known better. Thank you for this article Glenn and let me take advantage of the moment and congratulate you on the new website :)

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