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  1. Tanja @ Crystal Clarity wrote on

    YES! My questionnaire for each major component of a project is a little less in-depth than yours (4 pages with around 20 questions), but with the process I use, it’s a starting point, and my client and I discuss and go into more depth about their answers in the strategy session for that component.

    I’ve had the odd person come back to me and say “But if I answer all those questions, I might as well have written it myself!”

    Once I get past the irritation, it’s actually kind of a relief to hear something like that. It tells me very clearly, up front, before I’ve invested any time or effort into their project that they’re going to be a BAD fit to work with me, and we can go our separate ways, each to find a copywriter/client that works better for us!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yes, I agree completely, it’s a big red flag when the client doesn’t want to invest the time to answer questions properly. That suggests they don’t value the copy much. I know they might just be surprised to see so many questions, but you’d think, having read the questions, they’d see the value in asking them…

  2. James wrote on

    Not long ago I served a short sentence at one of the country’s larger web marketing agencies. The vast majority of work in their copywriting work queue was handled by rewriting the client’s existing marketing materials into new words. If working with your copywriter was a breeze then I’d say there’s a high chance they’ve done exactly that.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Exactly. No consideration given to whether what’s being said is what NEEDS to be said… :-\

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