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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. Jeanne wrote on

    What’s not to love? Very amusing, to the point and oh so true! Brilliant, thanks for the giggle… now back to that draft :)

  2. James Chartrand - Men with Pens wrote on

    I sense a bit of hesitation. I’m not entirely sure, but it sounds like you may actually be on the fence about it all. Perhaps being ruled by fear. After all, Braveheart aside, the world of copywriting is a terrifying place where only the bold and courageous walk.

    Or eat bread. We eat a lot of bread.

    That’s only on Tuesdays, of course, because despite our luxurious sites and ultra-sharp words, we’re drunk as lords the other half of the time and Dan Brown’s trunk probably looks in a lot better shape than the ones we own.

    See, that’s the thing, really – we’re masters of deception. Copywriters are skilled wordsmiths who can make you believe almost anything.

    Which is why, you see, I think you’re really on the fence and hiding a secret desire to become a pen warrior. Because if you weren’t, you’d use that deception skill and tell us you absolutely, irrevoquably, definitely wanted to be a copywriter.

    And then, you see, we wouldn’t believe a word you said. Because who the hell in their right mind wants that?!

  3. Karri Flatla wrote on

    If we had more “writers” like you around, I reckon we’d not need near as many “copywriters.”


  4. ben ryan wrote on

    I remember hearing a quote about a writer complaining he’d only written seven words for the day. When his editor tried to encourage him by saying that was a good effort, the writer replied “but I don’t know what order they go in”.

    I’m with Phil – I’m slogging away at my Bryce Courtney/Dan Brown/ Rowling break through…well, I am when I’m not doing something to distract me from doing that.

  5. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Ha! I agree @Jeanne. And yes, back to that draft. For me, today it’s portable toilets. (Bet you’re regretting saying all those silly things about copywriting, now, aren’t ya Phil?! How often have YOU had the chance to write about portable toilets? Yeah, didn’t think so…)

  6. Shane Arthur wrote on

    Phil reminds me of Phil in the movie Ground Hog Day. Stuck in the same day of wondering what it would be like to actually be a copywriter but waking up each day otherwise. :)

    Phil writes well, though. He should at least get one official copy writing job, THEN make up his mind.

    And if that doesn’t interest him, he’s always welcome over at our CCC site, let him know, Glenn. :)

  7. Phil Webb wrote on

    Well spotted, Glenn. Sounds like I need a new disguise. Not surprising really. Groucho’s been dead for years.

    Thanks for the link, Shane. Ten words is a tempting headstart. Only forty to go then I’m done for the day!

    Nobody told me about the drinking, James. Forget everything I said, I’m in. What do I gotta sell?

  8. Merryl Rosenthal wrote on

    Phil is bright and laugh-out-loud funny! I sincerely hope he DOES make J.K. Rowling money. :)

  9. maryawrites wrote on

    I absolutely loved this post. Does your brother in law have a blog?

  10. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Unfortunately not. He should have, shouldn’t he!?

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