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  1. Mary E. Ulrich wrote on

    Finding the right keywords and niche has been so difficult. I’ve tried Travis… SeaQuake and a couple other tools people have suggested.

    I just can’t seem to make it work and as a result my blog is not reaching as many people as it could. I am looking for the parents/caregivers of adults with severe disabilities. (I know, too long even for a long tale.) When I search some of those words I get research studies–but not the parents. I don’t know what words/phrases other parents are using in their searches.

    Not sure there is any help for this.

  2. Franki Nguyen wrote on

    I thought I may be in the tiniest of minority for “I Don’t”, but your result is returning over 30%! Would be interesting to see this correlate with the Job Roles!

  3. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    @Franki Yeah, that one was a bit of an eye-opener. I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or a bad one. It’ll definitely be interesting to slice up the results to see what their job roles are.

  4. Ann wrote on

    I’m another of the I don’ts. It’s hard enough to get the keywords flowing at all. Seems repetitive or stilted when trying to repeat words and phrases. So I don’t like writing for the search engines, I prefer to write for people.

  5. Gabriella wrote on

    Morning Glen, always nice to take a look at your work down-under ;) I couldn’t help but pipe in some of our ideas.

    Finding keywords are not as easy as one would think. We use several tools and methods to find keywords for clients. Granted most people will use what they automatically “consider” as part of a strategy/brand/online presence. But a few things we’ve discovered is looking at your GA data can you information you would have never considered. Basically, if you already have a site make sure you are tracking your pages with Google Analytics. This can give you golden words you never knew you had. Take a look at what words brought in your traffic. After all they found you, right? Start building your content around some of those high performance keywords.

    Another way is to look at your competition. Nothing wrong with peeking over at what words they are using. Last but not least on of my favorite is to include a strategy with your campaign. Start with words you do know for a fact are part of your campaign… from there start looking at secondary, tertiary, and synonyms – Use those words to look at the volume then start weeding out from the bottom up. I hope that helps –

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