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  1. Angie Nikoleychuk wrote on

    Hi Glenn

    Couldn’t agree with your post more. That is an excellent list of questions that keeps a huge job more manageable. I find it’s important to answer questions like that…it’s almost like steps to follow.

    I’m more than happy to provide product descriptions. You can find me at Angie’s Copywriting (

  2. Gina Lofaro aka the wordmistress wrote on

    And who wants to read anything generic anyway, right?

    Considering that some products which are primarily available online all feature the exact same descriptions, it makes you wonder why you wouldn’t just buy from whichever site had the prettiest pictures! And sometimes even those are identical. Every item for sale – whether a service or a product – deserves the best chance of being snapped up over a similar, or identical one available elsewhere.

    Having personally written more than 2,000 keyword articles over the years, I’m abundantly aware of the need to insert some well-placed keywords in product descriptions, but for them to also comply with the reader-friendliness objective.

    I would be keen to hear from potential clients who require product descriptions that sing the praises of their goods. For more information on how I can help, visit:

    Thanks for the opportunity, Glenn! :)

  3. Matt Burgess wrote on


    I’m completely blown away by this post. You’ve successfully distilled everything that I always ask clients into one simple list. Bookmarked… and definitely going to make an appearance in my “Things that were delicious this week” column!

  4. Sally Ormond wrote on

    Thanks for this post Glenn – it basically reinforces everything I tell my clients. If you want your product to stand out, you have to differentiate it from everyone else’s – simple!

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  5. SEO copywriter wrote on

    Hi Matt,

    This is really a nice piece of information on SEO. I hope that this information will be helpful for all the SEO copywriters around the globe.

    Thanks again

  6. Kenneth wrote on

    Clearly this is a writers website. I talked to many people when I started researching this issue and most differ greatly in their take on this situation. Why would you want a totally uninformed, unfamiliar person to write a product description to base your purchase decision on vs. the company that manufactures the product and understands it working, specs and possible alternate uses..

    Google is padding the pockets of themselves and their cronies, SEO writers, services and the like at the cost of correct and accurate information to aid the consumer.

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