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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. Deborah Turton wrote on

    Guys thank you! I have squeezed every piece of information from the book as it is, really looking forward to the new release. I appreciate your commitment. This book is a ‘must buy’ for bloggers, I wish I had found sooner. Cheers, d.

  2. Cristina wrote on

    Thank you guys!!! The book is terrific, a “must buy” for bloggers as Deborah says. It’s changing the way I write, and for the best!
    Brilliant job, can’t wait to get the updated version :)

  3. Michal Fanta wrote on

    Sounds great! I am also happy about you appreciating your customers who already bought the book – me included. :)

  4. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Thanks guys. I honestly am very proud of this book. Particularly with the V2 update. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And please let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Alex Vermeule wrote on

    v2 is awesome Glen, thank you very much for updating it!

  6. Jason Martin wrote on

    Thanks Glenn. It’s about time I started out on the blogging adventure so your timing couldn’t have been better!

  7. Glenn Murray wrote on

    @Alex: thanks for your kind words. I think it’s great too. I put many late nights into that update, so I’m glad you like it.

    @Jason: glad to hear. Let me know if you have any questions.

  8. eileen ludwig wrote on

    Boy, I am so glad I bought it at the $9.97 price. I would NOT pay $29 but hope that goes well for you both


  9. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Thanks Eileen, for your honesty. Did you receive your free V2 update? All buyers of the $9.97 V1 ebook were sent a link to it. If so, what are your thoughts?

  10. Aqif Azizan wrote on

    I’m lucky to grab early for a price of $9.97. It is a valuable information product with a real time score card. I’ve tested it on my blog and it really done well. Most importantly, it attracts more visitors and loyal reader to my blog.

    Thanks for giving a free update for previous buyers. Thank you Glenn! :)

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