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  1. Peter wrote on

    Technical writing: how
    Technical copywriting : buy + why
    IT copywriting: buy:add(why);
    Copywriting: buy.

    Real writing: once upon a time…

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      I’d say that about sums it up. Not as good for SEO though! ;-)

  2. VIv wrote on

    Technical writers are (or should be) employed in numerous fields, not just IT. Medical, engineering, telco, environment, science, government… all have a specialised language. Often to the detriment of their customers, or the general public, and also to themselves if they don’t rein in their jargon.

    In these areas, the copywriting roles in tend to go directly to PR, Communications or marketing. The copy for their websites often goes to the ‘web guy’.

    It may only be once they run into trouble – embarrassment in the media, trouble with a contract, or a change of executives that the value of a technical writer is recognised.

  3. Martin wrote on

    Thank you for the distinction. I am a technical writer looking to move into technical copywriting, and this blog was very helpful. Is this a natural move, from technical writing to technical copywriting? I find that most technical copywriting positions list technical writing experience as a requirement.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hey Martin. Thanks for your comment. I wouldn’t say it’s a foregone conclusion that a techwriter can become a technical copywriter, but techwriting experience is certainly a plus. Techwriting and copywriting are fundamentally different beasts, but they both require some technical aptitude.

  4. Shraddha wrote on

    Wow, that was a good one! This terms were always confusing for me, now I know what words to search in Google (Google can’t read your mind, right ;))

  5. Prachi Rahate wrote on

    Can technical copywriting be done as freelancing? If so then how and where to find jobs? Also, how to get those jobs.

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