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  1. Tanja wrote on

    Yep! I’ve stopped working with clients who just want me to take copy they’ve already written and “polish it so it reads more compellingly”, rather than going through my process to help me get clear on who their perfect clients are, what those clients struggle with, and what they really REALLY want instead.

    The analogy I’ve started using is that “polishing their copy” without getting to understand them and their clients first is like cooking a gourmet meal for a dinner party… and only discovering after I’ve brought a stunning lobster bisque to the table that three of the folks attending are Jewish, two are vegan and one is alllergic to shellfish.

    Of course, some people still want to take shortcuts… which is fine. I just know they’re not my perfect clients ;-)

    1. Di wrote on

      Perfect analogy. I’ve made that mistake and I’m going to try very hard never to repeat it!

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