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  1. Charles Cuninghame wrote on

    “74.5 percent of consumers indicated that they use a company’s web site to get information about a product or service, but only 44 percent of consumers surveyed felt that the information met their needs.

    “…customers that have a positive experience are three times more likely than those that had a neutral or negative experience to buy a product from the company that delivered the experience.”


    Hope that helps.

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hey David & Jon. Thanks for those links. Very interesting.

    David, it would have been even MORE interesting if we’d been able to see the conversion stats before and after. Bummer.

    Jon, I’ve Delicioused that site, and will spend many juicy hours reviewing. Nice one!

  3. Jon wrote on

    No worries, it’s great fun choosing which one wins, I’ve found not thinking about it much helps.

    I also picked up your mothers day special SEO books, I can’t really do a video of my mum as she’s 10000 km away in the UK. Looking forward to reading them. Which is best to read first?


  4. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Yeah, I’ve done a couple of those ‘guess which one wins’ things, and going with gut feel worked best for me too.

    You could still give your mum a late mother’s day gift. Send it by email and tell her not to open it until you’re on a Skype video hookup. Then film the hookup!

    The best one to read first is SEO Secrets.

    Cheers mate.

  5. Hannah wrote on

    Ooo interesting collection of links! It’s always fun to look at the stats when it comes to conversion. This will help me out in future when speaking with potential clients, thanks.

  6. diane wrote on

    This is exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks!!!

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