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  1. daretoeatapeach wrote on

    Thanks, this was more helpful and better written than the other articles I looked up. I’m wondering, is there a penalty to using both the singular and the plural?

  2. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Nope, there’s no penalty. Natural writing will always have both, so Google definitely wouldn’t penalise you for that sort of stuff. :-)

  3. Sanjeev Kumar wrote on

    I don’t think that Google is smart enough to identify the relationship between plural and singular. I had few test and got Google ranking site vary in between singular and plural.

  4. Sanjay Maharjan wrote on

    Researching is the most important part in SEO. I read an article before this one, and it says that conversion and CTR is high in singular keywords because the searchers are not looking for options. Whereas, in plural keywords, searchers might be looking for options that are available.

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