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  1. Damien wrote on

    Terrific article. I’ve been focusing on the negative way too much in my copywriting without even really thinking about it. I’m reading the Hopkins book now so looking forward to more insights like the ones you’ve highlighted here. Thanks.

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Yeah, it’s tough isn’t it, not focusing on the negative? Especially when the copy discusses how to overcome a problem. Funnily enough, I refer back to this post myself, every now and then, when I need some perspective. Thanks for reading Damien.

  3. Paul Christian wrote on

    Awesome article, didn’t know this! I thought most peope would be ‘move away from’ (negative situation), instead of ‘Move to’ (positive situation). But I noticed in copywriting negatives aren’t used as much. This explanation is a great one!

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