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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. Fred Schebestsa wrote on

    You are a scholar and a gentlemen. Thank you for your very touching and kind words. I love your form, you always have an eye for what is happening and what is hot! Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure you taught me SEO and Twitter?

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      All well earned, mate. You deserve it. I know we talked a lot of SEO and Twitter, but I’m not so sure I ‘taught’ you. Certainly I’ve learned my fair share from your googly adventures! ;-)

  2. Bill Slawski wrote on

    Than you, Glenn

    I’m honored to be included in your Balsmiq list, and here as well. Google’s Amit Singhal recently likened changing Google’s algorithms to changing the engine of a plane while in mid-flight, and the patents reflect that. Figuring out what’s most likely is part of the challenge. :)

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Sorry Bill. Only just saw your reply. You’re very welcome. And yeah, I can see how changing the algos would be a nightmare. They can have it! ;-)

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