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  1. Justin Roberts wrote on

    Nice post Glenn. We have experienced the same thing in the web development industry. The number one rule is never compromise the quality of your work. We have actually had businesses hold off on their project until they can afford our services which is a great confidence boost.

    We learnt the hard way when we first went out into business and wanted to win every contract even if it meant reducing our costs. The result was we ended up overworked, underpayed and had no time to focus on getting the well paying clients in.

    Justin – Big Click Studios

  2. Nick Bowditch wrote on

    Gday Glenn,

    Nice post mate. I know Justin and Dean from Big Click Studios well and I think we are all in a pretty similar boat. Web design, copywriting, travel – these are all businesses in which we have the opportunity to discount the cost of our work if we wanted to.

    And I used to. A lot.

    However, I once heard a smart guy at a small business say, “someone has to be the most expensive and it might as well be you”. And, while I am certainly not the most expensive, I pretty much never give someone the cheapest quote for their travel plans.

    Importantly, now I don’t want to, for one very simple reason: if someone is looking for the absolute cheapest way to get somewhere and the cheapest room in the cheapest (but nicest of course) hotel when they are there, then they are not someone who will ever come back to me as a repeat customer.

    In short, they are wasting my time – not to mention undervaluing (spelling) my work and my time. I refer them straight to Flight Centre and wish them well.

    We should all value ourselves and our professional worth more highly – particularly those of us who own our own small business and/or work from home.

    Nick Bowditch Travel – Australia’s Family Travel Expert

  3. Sean Lyden wrote on

    Thank you for sharing your story on this. It inspires writers to respect themselves, which attracts respect — and much deserved higher pay — from clients. When you’re really good at your craft and are able to deliver “spot-on” copy for the client, you can charge more and still be bargain. You’re saving clients the grief (and buyer’s remorse) for having to dealing with copy they hate, while creating copy that generates sales, new leads, etc.


    Lyden’s Lab for Copywriters

  4. Pamela Wilson wrote on

    Time and time again, my writing colleagues and I have this discussion. It goes a little like this:
    ‘Oh, I just hate talking about money. Don’t you?’
    ‘Yep. I don’t bring it up. I wait until they do.’
    ‘Oh, I know, me too.’

    Your post is spot-on and it is how we should all be, whether we are copywriters, travel writers, freelancers, whatever. Unfortunately, because so many people undervalue the industry we are in, we sometimes undervalue ourselves too. Sigh.

  5. Karri Flatla wrote on

    I have nothing to add to your brilliant insight as a business person, Glenn.


    Well, except to please keep sharing :)

  6. Peter Wise wrote on

    As usual, another excellent post Glenn. Saying no is often the way to go. And I like the idea of actively recommending someone else like that.

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