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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. Desolie wrote on

    Ha! Ha!

    Glad you’re so perceptive, Glenn.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Ha! That’s what my wife always says. Wait, no, she says DEceptive. My mistake.

  2. Alan wrote on

    What a total waste of my time.
    Maybe Kate can give me a better subscriber experience.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      I’m sorry I frustrated you, Alan. It won’t be the last time I have a bit of fun on my blog, though, so if that offends you, then you’re probably right, my blog subscription might not be for you.

  3. Belinda @ Copywrite Matters wrote on

    Hawdeehaw Glenn – you’re a funny man. Tis a shame Alan didn’t get a rib tickle from me. It made me laugh!

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