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  1. Chris Allison wrote on

    I need to read sugarman’s book…I keep seeing it referenced.

  2. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Sugarman’s book has some gems in it, but IMHO, you have to dig a bit. There’s a lot of crowing about how much it’s going to teach you, and how much it’s already taught you. And there’s the smell of the loooonnng sales page in there too (quite a bit of talk about his own success).

    Frankly, I found it very condescending, but I got about 10 really valuable points from it, which made the read worthwhile.

  3. Chris Allison wrote on

    Hmmm interesting. Do you have any recommended (maybe shorter) copywriting reads?

  4. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Not really. I don’t really like many of them. There’s a little value to be had from all of them, but nothing stands out as a brilliant read.

    Having said that, there’s a very good book called ‘Sin and Syntax’ by Constance Hale. It’s more about the mechanics of writing well than copywriting per se. But that means it offers a lot more meat than most copywriting books. You could also try ‘Content Critical’ by Gerry McGovern. I only read about half of it, but I think that was just ‘cos I was already familiar with it all.

    ‘Sin and Syntax’ would be my recommendation. It discusses techniques that make your writing engaging, and it’s written in an engaging style itself. Not at all dry.

  5. Chris Allison wrote on

    Awesome, I’ll look into it. Thanks, Glenn!

  6. Melissa Donovan wrote on

    I’m an extremely skeptical reader and long sales-ridden copy turns me off but hey – they say it works! I agree that length should be driven by content, not the other way around and writing in a succinct matter (especially when writing copy) is absolutely essential.

  7. Mel Menzies wrote on

    This is one of my main faults. As the author of a number of books, my natural forte is to write at length. To take a subject, break it down into chapter topics, sections, paragraphs, sentences – and make sure that, together, they explore all angles. See – I’m doing it here!

    It requires real effort for me to write short articles. But I’m trying. Thanks for the article. Found your website through Problogger.
    Mel Menzies, author of A Painful Post Mortem

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  10. Perry wrote on

    If I had to choose between what readers, potential customers say or “copywriters” who say long is better, I’d choose the readers any day of the week.

    Sorry, fans of long sales pages, but I sell to them, not you.

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