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  1. Anna wrote on

    It sure has it’s challenges, but I think I’ll be OK:

    1) Your partner might think you’re an egomaniac

    And they would be right!

    2) You have to ignore your partner’s opinion

    Yep.. easy :)

    3) You’re not Don Draper

    I’m an arrogant egomaniac. Boy-bits aside, I think I qualify hands-down.

    4) You’ll probably gain weight

    That’s what kaftans are for ;-)

    5) You’ll never be able to budget accurately

    I lived on Austudy and fresh air in my 20s. Not a problem.

    6) You’ll find it almost impossible to plan for holidays

    I give clients LOADS of advance notice. Which is why I’m taking leave next week :D

    7) You’ll fail. Probably again and again

    The only failure in life is to not learn from your mistakes. The rest is an apprenticeship.

    8) Your partner becomes your business partner

    Great… he can do the filing!

    9) You’ll have to delay starting a family

    Valid reason #397

    10) You’ll probably have to work with kids in the house

    See #9

    11) You become a different person

    Some might argue that could actually work in my favour… ;-)

  2. Sue wrote on

    When you work from home, some friends and neighbours think you’re on constant holiday and that they can interrupt and hope for a cup of tea and a chat at any time. They need to learn quickly that that’s not the case.

    Door to door salesmen were a real problem till I put up one of those “Do not knock” stickers. Having someone bashing on the door to get your attention is a real negative when working on something requiring your full attention.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yes! My in-laws still do this a bit. They try not to, but sometimes they just can’t help themselves.

  3. Brook McCarthy wrote on

    You really sell copy writing, Glenn. I especially like the detail you go into talking about accidentally kicking the walls and getting to the bathroom (and peeing in the garden).

    I honestly haven’t found it nearly as hard, and I had two kids in the process. Two things that make it work are that my partner is now self-employed too and working from home (he saw how much fun I was having, or rather, he got laid off), and he does a good amount of housework too, including shopping for food and cooking.

    But I agree that your default position is distracted, irritated and worrying.

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