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  1. Peter wrote on

    So if you write well your writing is effective… even for bots! :)

    This calls to mind a seminar given by a translation firm on writing for translation. A fellow writer and I remarked on the way out, “so if you write well it’ll translate better. Derr!”.

  2. Kate TOon wrote on

    Even though I call myself an SEO copywriter, I don’t REALLY believe there is such a thing these days.

    I actually turn down jobs where they request shoe horning in keywords 15 times and if someone mentions keyword density I’m likely to hang up.

    1. Kate TOon wrote on

      And when I said HERE HERE, I meant HEAR HEAR – it’s been a long day :-)

      1. Glenn Murray wrote on

        HAHA! Good to see someone else gets that mixed up. I have to look it up every time! Tired or not!

    2. Glenn Murray wrote on

      I don’t know that I’ve ever turned one down, exactly. But I have found that people requesting that sort of copywriting tend not to value it much, so they don’t have the budget to afford me (or you).

  3. Patricia Skinner wrote on

    Well said Glenn. I’m actually graduating away from SEO because I object to Google’s policies these days. I think social media is more important than SEO these days.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks Patricia. :-) Yeah, I got stung by one of Google’s crazy policies recently too. A manual spam penalty because of my article marketing from more than a decade ago! Back when article marketing wasn’t frowned upon. (And my articles were all good quality too!)

      But I wouldn’t say I think social media is *more* important than SEO. I think it’s an integral part of any SEO strategy, and if done properly, a lot more than that. But Google still brings the majority of my new business…

  4. James wrote on

    In 2015 the algorithms have a very strong focus on UX metrics – ie, whether or not real humans are willing to read the damn thing – so good SEO copywriting has to be good copywriting first and foremost.

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