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  1. Kate Toon Copywriter (@katetooncopy) wrote on

    I had the exact same thought (or similar thought anyway) yesterday:

    Is it just me or is it really annoying when some one tweets or shares the bleeding obvious?

    Use hast tags in tweets
    Put words in your website
    Don’t write F**KING F**KFACE in your email subject line.

    Stop wasting my time!

    If you have nothing interesting to say (or blog), then say (or blog) nothing.

    It’s all so blah blah blah

  2. Miss Sassy (Shae) wrote on

    Agree. I see the same old shit everywhere. Another thing that riles me is hearing that writing quality content is the answer to everything. If I read one more time “write quality content for SEO, to get more fans etc…” I will scream. Trouble is writing quality content is subjective. What one person may think is great content, another might think is crap.

    And I never read posts that have headlines “31, 45, 100 ways to get more (whatever)….” I’m sorry I don’t have time and nor can my brain compute more than 3 ways to do something on any given topic. I see this a lot from the A-listers too. I want to grow my business and giving me cheap ‘me-too’ tactics is not the answer.

  3. Micky Stuivenberg wrote on

    Yes! There is so much crap everywhere and hardly any substance. Very frustrating indeed. I don’t even want to think about politicians because I’ll scream.

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