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  1. Gregory Colby wrote on

    I love going to domain retailers and just searching weird and different names just for the fun of it…there are some extremely explicit porn site names that haven’t been taken up yet!
    I’d never even thought of marketing the names – is there a sweet earn in doing that?

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      It’s great fun, isn’t it? But no, the ROI isn’t very good. Professional domainers say the average sell rate is about 2% I think. (Can’t remember exactly, but it’s somewhere in that vicinity.) I’ve sold 3, I think. All around the $1k-3k mark, from memory. And I’ve bought about 200 over the years, I think. Admittedly a lot of them were for businesses I was planning or starting, but still…

  2. Glenn Murray wrote on

    Cool. I just sold for $1,500 USD. :-)

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