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  1. Vikki wrote on

    I get really frustrated and sulky when something takes longer to write than usual – give me easy any day!


    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      LOL. Do you swear at your computer? (I do.)

  2. Desolie wrote on

    I’m always surprised, Glenn, when I find the words flowing easily. Perhaps my brain has been thinking about it before I was actively thinking. Perhaps it’s a familiar subject. Perhaps my writing skills are improving. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining.
    But yes, the doubts and questions arise: did I miss the point? should I charge full price?
    What conundrums copywriters face!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yeah, I think there are many times when your brain has already done a lot of the work, when you weren’t consciously thinking about it. I like those times! ;-)

  3. Shauna wrote on

    Nope, I try not to smack the gift horse in the mouth! I love that feeling when things come together perfectly, without the hair pulling and swearing and pacing and stressing it won’t get done on time. And I never question whether it’s worth as much, just because it came into being with minimum strain doesn’t mean it’s of less value!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Good for you, Shauna. :-) I’ll call you next time I need moral support! ;-)

  4. Matt wrote on

    Cheesy quote alert… I’m reminded of something a Japanese calligrapher said when asked how long it took him to write a few characters: ‘my whole life.’

    The work isn’t just the production right now – it’s everything you’ve done to develop your skills up to this point.

    In a semi-related vein, I’m reading a great book called Flow: the psychology of optimal experience, which is all about people’s experience while doing something they’ve mastered – playing chess, climbing rock-faces, writing… there’s that sense of being equal to the challenge, but not bored. Worth checking out.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      That cheesy quote is exactly right, Matt. I’ll check the book out, thanks. :-)

  5. Camilla wrote on

    Hey Glenn, I’m reminded of this quote by Hemingway:

    “There is nothing to writing. You just sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

    I guess this could be interpreted many different ways, but two spring to mind for me:

    1. Writing is hard. It is a labour. It requires a lot of pain to produce anything good.

    2. Writing is part of you and comes naturally (it’s in your blood, perhaps?).

    If things don’t take as long as you think they would, you’re either:
    a) really ‘in the zone’
    b) improving your craft to the point where you can work much faster
    c) a combination of the two.

    Great post, as always Glenn!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hi Camilla. I like your interpretation of Hemingway’s classic quote. I hadn’t thought of the second one, to be honest! And yeah, I agree that when things are going easy, it’s ‘cos you’re in the zone, you’ve refined the art, or both. :-)

  6. James Mawson wrote on

    More than once I’ve had a client come to me with something he or she’s stuck on, and I’ve said “well what are you trying to communicate with this?” and they respond. And then I write out exactly what they’ve told me in the words they’ve just used and the job’s nearly done on the first draft. All that’s left to do there is edit for clairty and pare out extraneous words.

    Usually there’s a little more art to it than that. But occasionally it’s so easy you could pinch yourself. The kicker is when the client says “I wish I knew how to write like that!” when all of what you’ve done take their words and give them a very light polish.

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