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  1. Camilla Jones wrote on

    I use Open Office because Office 365 did my nut.

    I still use it for email because Gmail, err, well, just decided to NOT deliver incoming mail for HOURS – for MONTHS, no less – for no apparent reason, other than “that happens sometimes”.

    They’re impossible to get any support from. All that’s floating round in cyberspace are desperate forums posts from hoards of people who don’t know whether people have stopped talking to them or their mail exchange is properly knackered.

    Wow. I didn’t realise how bitter I was about that.


    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Does Open Office have any sort of cloud storage / online collaboration functionality?

      I’ve been using gmail for years now, and never had any issues with it. Sounds like you got very unlucky! :-(

  2. James wrote on

    I save my Open Office files in a Dropbox folder and that gives me cloud storage and online collaboration functionality

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hey James. I tried using Dropbox (actually their Business offering) and I didn’t like it. Partly because it forced me to change my existing file structure to put everything inside the Dropbox folder (which I didn’t want to do at the time, but have obviously since done with Drive), and partly because DB deleted some of our files without warning, authority or any involvement from us.

      Open Office also doesn’t help me on the Chromebook because I can’t install programs on it. Plus when I used it, there were compatibility issues with Word, and most of my clients use Word. They weren’t usually huge – clients were still able to open and edit files, and vice-versa. It was more things like fonts, spacing, image alignment, etc.

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