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  1. Shauna wrote on

    I completely agree with you Glenn re upfront large costs having the potential to freak clients out. As a relatively new to the game copywriter I’ve started off with an hourly rate and am finding it works well. I take a similar approach by estimating the time I think a job will take (sometimes it’s right on, other times it’s way off base) but I keep the client updated as the job progresses as to how much time I’ve spent writing the copy. They have a rough idea what they’re in for at the beginning and can see how it’s broken down. I think the difference would be if you stated an hourly rate but then provided no details as to time estimates – and unfortunately the time estimate part is the hard bit (although it’s getting easier!). Thanks, great post, very reassuring!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yep, estimating’s always the tricky bit. I still get it wrong occasionally, too, so don’t worry.

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