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  1. Tanja @ Crystal Clarity wrote on

    My clients don’t tend to want “bold outrageous copy”, so much as they want clear, authentic stuff that feels totally natural for them (possibly because I deal with solopreneurs rather than corporates? Or possibly because they tend to be healers, coaches and counsellors? Whatever: it is what it is)

    That said, one of my boldest projects for a client was the website copy for Ava Grace, a Brisbane escort, and good businessfriend (and yes, sex work is 100% legal where she is).

    The challenge with her copy was being crystal clear about what she offered, while still complying with Queensland law about what she could and couldn’t say; and appealing to her ideal clients without being crass about it (which is totally off-brand for her)

    Apparently, the copy I wrote for her was successful enough that she agreed to have me write up a case study on it on my website. You can find that at if you’re curious!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Nice. I had a read of the home page, and I like what you did. I think you targeted the audience nicely, focusing on the things about hiring a sex-worker that are important to some people. :-)

  2. Teri Foster wrote on

    Fantastic article! Really enjoyed this and hope I get some ‘bold’ clients. Such fun and an opportunity to be really creative!

    Most people are very conservative and want to play ‘safe’.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yeah, it’s definitely a lot more fun. Playing it safe is fine, but I think it’s like everything, bigger risks offer bigger potential rewards…

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