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  1. Larry Czaplyski wrote on

    I think you are spot on. You’re right, that writing is about making things clear to the reader; no need for verbal pyrotechnics. Put the reader first and submerge your ego.

    If you really have to express yourself, write some poetry or fiction. On your own dime, I might add.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Completely agree. Verbal pyrotechnics = verbal diarrhoea!

  2. Corey Pemberton wrote on

    I tend to agree with you on this one, Glenn.

    Using connectors like “inasmuch as” and “in view of the fact that” just doesn’t sound natural. They’re distracting, and they put the onus on the reader to figure out what we mean.

    I think it’s our job as copywriters to connect the dots for people and make things as easy to read as we can.

    Nothing wrong with “because of”, in my opinion!



    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Thanks Corey. At least my rant made me realise I’m no the only one!

  3. Emily Read wrote on

    “Most readers will glaze over the moment one of these babies befouls their retinas” = best line I’ve read all day.

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