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  1. Belinda @ Copywrite Matters wrote on

    This is an interesting one Glenn. Well it’s interesting to me as I’ve thought about it. I write for both.

    Why? Because many of the copywriting challenges my potential clients are trying to solve are also things I’m always trying to improve on.

    I subscribe to loads of copywriters’ blogs because you never know where you’re going to pick up tip that improves your own writing.

    I absolutely agree with your point about keywords. From my own experience, when I started getting a bit of a following and regular commenters, I stopped focusing on keywords and started writing for my audience. Which, of course, is what everyone should do from day 1 but when no one knows you, that seems like a luxury you can’t afford.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yeah, same here, Belinda. I haven’t done my figures, but I suspect I write more to writers than clients, but it’s not something I set out to do.

      1. Belinda @ Copywrite Matters wrote on

        I wonder if it’s because, as copywriters, we nerd out on all things copywriting. And when we write, we’re really writing for ourselves …?

        1. Glenn Murray wrote on

          Could be. But, fortunately, most of the things that are interesting to a copywriter will be relevant to a client seeking a copywriter. ;-)

  2. Emily Read wrote on

    As long as you’re writing for humans! “Human optimised” content – that’s the most important thing :-)
    But is an interesting question, and one I’ve considered myself. I think I write for both – sometimes both at the same time – other times a post is more relevant to one or the other, but, like you said, even if you’re writing for other copywriters, you’re showing your clients that you know what you’re talking about!

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