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  1. Angie Haggstrom wrote on

    Well done Carson. You bring up several very valid points. I’m with you on the giving back to others. I enjoy nothing more than watching someone else get the opportunity they need to flourish. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if others hadn’t done the same.

    I don’t understand the idea of ‘hating competitors’ particularly when it comes to writing. (Not that I’m much of a hater in general.)

    For me, networking/collaborating with other writers makes working from home feel less lonely. Besides, who else understands the trials, tribulations, and achievements better than those from the same field. In fact, my online friends are the only ones who take an interest in this subject.

    Some people are better at certain tasks than I am. It’s just fact. They not only put out a higher quality product, but are faster at it. While it isn’t always the easiest thing to admit, it makes life a whole lot easier.

    As an added benefit, I learn far more from other writers than I do from any other source. Even if it’s a subject I know well, everyone has different views and methods. I enjoy the job more, my clients benefit, and everyone wins.

    “I love my computer because that’s where my friends live” :)

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    LOL: “I love my computer because that’s where my friends live.” It’s a bit like that, isn’t it?!

    Thanks for your comment Angie! Good to know Carson and I aren’t alone in this!

  3. Kimberlee Ferrell wrote on

    One time, I was discussing this quote in a group. (I don’t remember if it was a business meeting or what.) Someone quipped that perhaps it was an air hose, to save the person’s life.

    I hope it was.

    We don’t need that kind of mentality, especially when times are tough. We need to support each other, and help each other succeed.

    We each have different talents and abilities that make us great. There is room for each of us to shine in the world.


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  5. Courtney Ramirez wrote on

    My first thought was an air hose too! You bring up several good points, especially “the going gets tough.” No one in my offline life can understand the difficulties of dealing with a wishy washy client or the pressures of meeting deadlines AND researching new leads all at the same time. Other writers are a good source of commiseration, as well as place to find writing support when needed.

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  7. Jason wrote on

    It certainly wasn’t an airhose. If you study Ray Kroc and read his book, you will see that. The quote above is actually not the correct quote. The real quote was “If my competition was drowning, if would stick a hose in their mouth and turn on the faucet”.
    Perhaps that sort of competition doesn’t lend itself to your business, but in many others it does. Simply put, you can’t argue with Ray Kroc’s success. If you think that the majority of the world isn’t like that, then you are kidding yourself.

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