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  1. Odessa wrote on

    Absolutely, thoroughly agree with you. When my Dad got a job in Queensland and I didn’t want to leave Melbourne, he played me this song (him being a huge Chisel fan) and suddenly I understood why he had to go, and why I was going to go with him. I knew I could come back to my Bow River, just as he was going back to his.

    I don’t know if Bow River is a real place, but I do know that it’s sort of like a mythological place – everyone has a Bow River, but most people don’t know they have a Bow River until they hear this song.

  2. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Hi Odessa. Thanks for your comment. Apparently Bow River is an actual place and Ian Moss never actually went there. I read that his brother used to live or work there. I think you’re right, though. Everyone has their own Bow River, and that’s one of the things that makes the song so universal.

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  5. Leonie Shephard wrote on

    Hi Glenn,
    My partner and I are in week 24 of 52 that we are spending traveling around Aus, and were recently in Bow River on the south coast of WA. I have been singing this song in my head ever since and was sure that that Bow River was the one from the chisels song. I decided today to google it to see if i was right and now i am not so sure since finding out that there are 2 Bows in WA. I guess when i see the other one I may be more able to decide since i will never be able to ask Ian. I’m glad I stumbled over your site and will check it out again I’m sure. Thanks for the insight.


  6. The Ox wrote on

    I have always loved this song, but only recently sat down and listened tithe words. Suddenly the meaning changed from a bloke heading back to his youth, to his dying words. “first thing you know I’ll be back in Bow River”. When this meanig hit me, I was struck in the heart, reminding me of my own grandparents in their dying days. The song changed from being a hard rock, raucous song to something very personal. You are absolutley correct in saying that Ian moss is one of the great writers of our era. So profoundly good that most of his listeners don’t even notice. CHISEL … You. Are the best.

  7. Glenn (Owner) wrote on

    Wow! Have to admit, I’d never read it that way, but it’s a very powerful way to read it. I’m gonna have to revisit it now. Very nice!

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  9. Andrew Cameron wrote on

    Bow River flows through Lissadell Station and into Lake Argyle. If you ever get the chance to visit the area, then you’ll understand what the lyrics are about (especially if you have worked on a factory floor!). Absolutely beautiful country.

  10. Tracy wrote on

    Saw the sign for bow river..didn’t make it there though…wish I had. THE best song by chisel!

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Argh! That’s a shame! Although, I’ve never been there myself, either, so maybe it’s not a shame! :-P (And yep, best Chisel song IMHO.)

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