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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. Carolyn wrote on

    Excellent guest post indeed, and well worth publishing

  2. Camilla Hallstrom wrote on

    Great article & analysis! I liked “ME” best because it talks to its customers & has everything else going for it (like clarity and such). :)

  3. Emmerey Rose wrote on

    Great post :) Thanks for giving these examples. I was wondering, do you have tips on how to properly make engaging about me pages?

  4. Joshua wrote on

    I think Who Gives A Crap takes the cake! A great example of storytelling with their particular brand of ‘toilet humour’ :)

  5. Adrian wrote on

    Great article thanks from Malta :)

    We loved Toilet paper cracked me up for good
    A perfect example of going overboard with the about is probably the moz one. The page is so appealing yet i`m still not so sure whether its worth the effort, then again me talking about it here means it has met some purpose i suppose.

  6. Leeha Debnam wrote on

    A bit late to the party but what a great post! I love the humour in the toilet paper one but also like the way the insurance one is straight to the point. We don’t like insurance and yes, we’d rather spend our money on something else!

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