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  1. Matt Brennan wrote on

    Excellent post. So many of these are just stopping points for readers. I love that the about copy is number one. It’s an absolute must anymore!

  2. Chris wrote on

    Hello Kate.

    Brilliant article thanks for sharing.

    I felt much better when most of what you listed I had already done on my website, but I see the value in explaining the little things. I mean, who wants to visit bad websites?



  3. Diane Whiteley wrote on

    Hello Kate. Thanks for the tips. I am just about to write copy for my ‘soon to be live’ website and had been hearing conflicting advice (from friends) about sharing personal information on the website and other content. Your tips resonated with me as simple common-sense guidelines and just what I needed to hear at this very moment.


  4. Darryl wrote on

    Hi Kate,

    Valuable post! 10 things you mentioned are must and obvious for all kind of websites. Among these proofreading, remove the rules(at least keep them open), and make it mobile are the top ones. Thanks for sharing great thoughts.

  5. Kate Toon Copywriter (@katetooncopy) wrote on

    Huge apologies for the late reply to these lovely responses. I didn’t know they were here!
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. And best of luck with your websites!

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