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Please comment below with your thoughts. I'm not so old a dog that I can't learn a few new tricks!

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  1. bill carney wrote on

    Gee, Glenn its 1.27 am.. I must be dreaming.. my dream job !
    I suspect a tech / gen gap in our trajectories.. but, now I’m in the gun.. I’ll take a shot. (be in touch )

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Sounds good! Look forward to hearing from you, Bill. :-)

  2. Tanja @ Crystal Clarity wrote on

    Damn… I seriously thought about applying for this (I’d love to learn from you!), but alas, I live on the wrong side of the Tasman.

    Best of luck finding the right person :-)

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      lol. Like you need to be anyone’s apprentice.

  3. Bec Butterworth wrote on

    Hi Glenn,

    I love this ad. I’m a brilliant writer. Hire me.

    I am a successful freelance journalist and writer. I write a bit for the Age and the Sunday Age, but I’m looking to move into copy writing. The UNESCO Melbourne City of Literature like my stuff – so much so, they just gave me a grant to write my book on rural suicide. So does the Wheeler Centre – they gave me one two, and a Hot Desk Fellowship.

    Copy needs to be crisp and concise. It needs to shock with clarity. I’m the guy (girl) that’s always making things more clear. Damn I am! I’ve been looking for a role like this for a while.

    I will apply soon, and properly. Thanks for the ad.


    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hi Bec. Great stuff. Look forward to hearing from you. :-)

  4. Jackson Zilko wrote on

    This really looks like a brilliant opportunity.

    I check all the boxes, but currently live in the UAE.

    Until next time, Glenn Murray.

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Yeah, sorry, I really need someone local. The time difference is just too difficult. :-\

      1. Jackson Zilko wrote on

        Hey Glenn

        Very late now on this one but it’s worth a crack.

        I’m now based in Sydney working as an analyst in digital advertising. It’s all numbers and any opportunity to get back to using the alphabet would really be great.

        If you’re chasing anyone for a role like this in the future be sure to keep me in mind.

        Cheers mate.


  5. Rob Sweetten wrote on

    Have occasionally wondered about taking this route myself. Would love to hear how it works out for you.

    Best of luck.



    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hey Rob. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, as a freelancer, it’s all too tempting to just take the lowest up-front cost route, but it’s never worked for me. I think I have to invest in it properly. Like anything.

  6. Felix Ratcliff wrote on

    Hi Glenn,

    I’ve just bailed from a decade in the NFP sector, live Eastern in Sydney and am looking precisely for a developing role like yours. Will be in contact directly.

    These words and pictures will tell you a lot about me!

    Cheers, Felix

    1. Glenn Murray wrote on

      Hey Felix. Looking forward to receiving it. :-)

      1. Felix wrote on

        Hi Glenn,
        Done mate!
        Let me know if you require anything else.

  7. Steve wrote on

    Hi, I’m Steve, live on the Coast and i am looking for a change. I’ve been a sports journalist for 23 years, 15 of which as sports editor of a major suburban newspaper. If you think I’d be suitable in anyway please drop me an email, I can then give you all my details , examples of work etc. thanks for reading. Steve

  8. angela grevet wrote on

    My skin jumps with glee as I read your post…
    yet ponder…
    have I missed the boat?
    or is there a new opportunity that could be mine…
    is it worth my while dropping you a line…
    I wait to hear with baited breath….
    yet it’s not a matter of life and death…
    the universe will send me where I need to be…
    I’ll just be patient and wait to see….
    I’ve just moved to the coast…
    after 20 years in the big smoke…
    about to start a freelance role….
    with no experience will use my heart and soul…
    so any guidance you could partake….
    would put the icing on my cake…
    thank you for your precious time….
    to ready my silly little rhyme…
    not exactly the corporate flair…
    but that’s not my audience, so I don’t care…
    Glenn, I look forward to hearing from you…
    and if I don’t, I won’t feel blue…
    just know that there’s nothing else for me to do…
    as this ad is well and truly through…
    have a great sunny day…
    and hope you send some words back my way…

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